Additional Information

For more information, call the treasurer's office at (276) 926-1610.

Duties & Responsibilities

View the numerous duties and responsibilities allotted to the treasurer for Dickenson County:

  • Abatement management / reconcile and enter (for real estate, personal property, etc.)
  • Assess penalties and interest on unpaid taxes
  • Assist with county audit
  • Assist with state audit
  • Collect building permit fees
  • Collect estimated income taxes
  • Collect personal property taxes
  • Collect public services corporation taxes
  • Collect real estate taxes
  • Collect state income taxes
  • Computer networking management / help keep more than 100 devices (PCs, sign-ons, displays, printers, etc.) up and running
  • Computer update facilitation / both hardware and software
  • Complete bank account reconciliations for all county departments
  • Complete employee performance evaluations
  • Distribute local sales tax to towns
  • Email, call, and mail correspondence with state and federal agencies
  • Exonerations for any erroneous tax assessment(s)
  • File notices / paperwork with bankruptcy court for all bankruptcies
  • Help other departments with all types of issues
  • Help taxpayers with all types of tax matters
  • Invest all county funds
  • Issue checks
  • Issue checks / maintain financial records for all water projects
  • Issue checks / maintain financial records for most industrial projects
  • Issue dog tags
  • Issue passwords and reset passwords for computer users
  • Keep centralized accounting records for most county departments (including Board of Supervisors, schools, social services, and behavioral health services)
  • Keep county officials informed financially
  • Keep leave records for employees
  • Maintain PPTR (personal property tax relief records)
  • Make deposits of all federal funds collected
  • Make deposits of all local monies collected
  • Make deposits of all state funds collected
  • Make refunds for up to $2,500
  • Pay jurors (civil, criminal, witnesses, commissioners, etc.)
  • Perform nightly backups and system saves for the county's computer system
  • Post direct payment transactions
  • Prepare financial statements (balance sheets, revenue and expenditure summaries, etc.)
  • Prepare tax notices for all types of taxes
  • Put VRWS (vehicle registration withholding – tag stops) into place for nonpayment personal property taxes
  • Receive all coal severance taxes
  • Record all state and federal revenues received electronically
  • Run the county's general ledger accounting system
  • Sign all county checks, warrants, and loans
  • Operate as tax collector for the towns of Clinchco, Clintwood, and Haysi
  1. Angela Rakes


  2. Treasurer

    Physical Address
    818 Happy Valley Drive
    P.O. Box 708
    Clintwood, VA 24228

    Monday through Friday
    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.