Additional Information

For more information, call the treasurer's office at (276) 926-1610.

Duties & Responsibilities

View the numerous duties and responsibilities allotted to the treasurer for Dickenson County:

  • Abatement management / reconcile and enter (for real estate, personal property, etc.)
  • Assess penalties and interest on unpaid taxes
  • Assist with county audit
  • Assist with state audit
  • Collect building permit fees
  • Collect estimated income taxes
  • Collect personal property taxes
  • Collect public services corporation taxes
  • Collect real estate taxes
  • Collect state income taxes
  • Computer networking management / help keep more than 100 devices (PCs, sign-ons, displays, printers, etc.) up and running
  • Computer update facilitation / both hardware and software
  • Complete bank account reconciliations for all county departments
  • Complete employee performance evaluations
  • Distribute local sales tax to towns
  • Email, call, and mail correspondence with state and federal agencies
  • Exonerations for any erroneous tax assessment(s)
  • File notices / paperwork with bankruptcy court for all bankruptcies
  • Help other departments with all types of issues
  • Help taxpayers with all types of tax matters
  • Invest all county funds
  • Issue checks
  • Issue checks / maintain financial records for all water projects
  • Issue checks / maintain financial records for most industrial projects
  • Issue dog tags
  • Issue passwords and reset passwords for computer users
  • Keep centralized accounting records for most county departments (including Board of Supervisors, schools, social services, and behavioral health services)
  • Keep county officials informed financially
  • Keep leave records for employees
  • Maintain PPTR (personal property tax relief records)
  • Make deposits of all federal funds collected
  • Make deposits of all local monies collected
  • Make deposits of all state funds collected
  • Make refunds for up to $2,500
  • Pay jurors (civil, criminal, witnesses, commissioners, etc.)
  • Perform nightly backups and system saves for the county's computer system
  • Post direct payment transactions
  • Prepare financial statements (balance sheets, revenue and expenditure summaries, etc.)
  • Prepare tax notices for all types of taxes
  • Put VRWS (vehicle registration withholding – tag stops) into place for nonpayment personal property taxes
  • Receive all coal severance taxes
  • Record all state and federal revenues received electronically
  • Run the county's general ledger accounting system
  • Sign all county checks, warrants, and loans
  • Operate as tax collector for the towns of Clinchco, Clintwood, and Haysi
  1. Angela Rakes


  2. Treasurer

    Physical Address
    818 Happy Valley Drive
    P.O. Box 708
    Clintwood, VA 24228

    Phone: : (276) 926-1610

    Monday through Friday
    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.